Kamis, 04 Juli 2013

Promoting Your Business Using Local Classified Ads

There are many shades to Durgapur, but if you want to acquaint yourself with the best of the City of Steel, come to iGI ADGoogly! iGI ADGoogly, the new address for the best local classifieds of Durgapur with a twist, is a first of its own kind. Launched in June 2013, iGI ADGoogly currently proves to be the best medium to connect local business houses with the people (consumers) of the City of Steel.
From Real Estate in Durgapur to new and existing places for Need and Entertainment, It has it all. What puts iGI ADGoogly into a league of its own has of course a lot more to do than just being a common platform for consumers and suppliers! Launched in the period of 30-45 days, It is a complete package of information and fun, what with designer high quality ads, well written stories, different recipes, different doctors̢۪ view on different subjects as well as tips on fashion, makeup, rounding off with a horoscopes column.
One of the main reasons why that is the next generation classifieds magazine has also a lot to do with the S.M.A.R.T goals that every local business owner aspires to incorporate. For one, these Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time dated units are put directly in lieu with growth. As far as modern takes go, a company grows as much and as well as their strategic promotions are implemented. Which of course brings us back, that will enable every business owner of Durgapur to promote their initiative, along with successful channeling of their promotions.
It also helps business owners to control their business activities such as selling, buying and above all community activity through their ads. OF course, it must also be acknowledged that every success you foray into comes at a price. Nevertheless, best plans for business owners start at only 1000 INR only, the results of which can be channeled directly with 10,000- 15,000 copies that are circulated throughout Durgapur, absolutely free!Our advertisement rate is very normal and negotiable.
On that note, business owners of Durgapur would also be glad to know that ADGoogly̢۪s core company happens to be iGlobal Impact ITES Pvt. Ltd., the pioneers of successful ventures all over Durgapur that cover business process outsourcing, fitness and health and of course, the ad business with ADGoogly. To know more and get in touch with us, visit our website.

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